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June 2, 2009

Woodcutting Level Tracker for Tessieri

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Current Level:75


How to make 28Kgp in 10 minutes:

Get a Woodcutting Level 75 and cut Magic Trees. It’s Simple!

I made 750K so far!!


 Who will win: Tree or Tessieri? Vote on the Poll Below!

(I now have drag arm and have re-bought d hatch)

Tree or Tess


April 14, 2009

Money & New Emotion (())

(()) means Runescape, in case you were wondering.




I was on Runescape today, at the Barbarian Village (North West of Lumbridge), and I found a way to make 2,000 gp and a new Emote!






Go to the Barbarian Village (North-West of Lumbridge), and click on the hole in the center of the mining place.


Once you go down, right-click on the dead adventurer and get his guide (optional). Then, click on the Portal.


In the center of the room, there is a Treasure Chest. Right-Click and press “Open Gift of Peace”


You will get 2000 gp (I brought some extra money in case).


You will also get the “Flap” Emotion.



Thanks to Mrpgatorboy for Helping me find this “cheat”















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