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Ninja Guide

ninjabubs  Hello, I am your Ninja Trainer, or Sensei!

ninjabubs1 Don’t laugh at me, I’m a bub ninja!


 ninjabubs1So, lets get on with the lesson!


Only ninjas can do this!

ninjabubs1 And reach thier goal to the Black Belt!


ninjabubs1 If you can not read that, it says

” Your main goal is to get the Black Belt, and then you challenge 

the Sensei (Teacher) to get to the secret room.

You can buy the Ninja Outfit, Dojo Igloo, and lots more!

ninjabubs1 So, Here is the training:





Hey guys,

The Card Jitsu is the hottest game in the Dojo right now and here are some tips on beating it!

Remember this:

Fire is stronger than Snow

Water is stronger than Fire

Snow is stronger than Water

This picture is a chart of all the belts you can receive during the Card Jitsu game.



To start playing, click on the Sensei sitting in the corner, he’ll ask you something. Then click yes.fofrlkfrgt

Then click on Competition Mode to start playing Card Jitsu.



Playing on the blue mats are a fun way to play with your friends.


But, I suggest playing Competition Mode. It will increase your rankings and earn you belts.

How to be a Ninja:

This is what the Sensei would say about being a Ninja, but he’s just kidding. Many penguins actually thought that this was true and did it.


After you have mastered all the belts and have received the Black Belt, you can challenge the Sensei to a match.



The Secret Room:

After you’ve beat the Sensei to a match in Card Jitsu, you are now an Official Ninja with a Black Belt and you can now enter the Secret Room called Flying Flippers Emporium.


In the Secret Room, there is a Ninja Catalog. You can now buy a Ninja Outfit and more Ninja furniture for your Igloo. (Members only)

Here is the Ninja Catalog Book:



If you view the ninja catalog, these items will show


The Special Dojo Igloo


Rice paper wall screen for your Igloo


And there are 2 more items. They are the bell and the Dojo Lantern. Please provide link credits if you copy any of the material in this post.

You can also click here to see it the Ninja Catalog without logging in!


1) Try your best and never Give up!

2) Play Competetion Mode! Don’t play on the mat! You can win the belts easily if you win Comp. mode!

3) Choose Snow as your first card! Most people like to use Water  as their First card!

4) Use Snow again as your 2nd card! Try to trick the penguin your Vs with!

5) Than use Water as your 3th Card! They will choose Fire to beat you!!

6) If you have 2 Snow cards and red and yellow cards, don’t use Snow, use Water!! 40% of the other penguins will choose Fire!

7) If you’re feeling like you are losing in the match, DON’T QUIT! You still get points if you loose!

8)Try to Imagine your self if you were the opponent which card you will use!! It will help you 40% of the time.

Good luck with Jitsu Card game!!



Half of this is Vietpride 28s work 







  1. Hope it came in handy!!

    Comment by jharri — December 14, 2008 @ 7:25 pm

  2. great tips!

    Comment by Manda — December 18, 2008 @ 6:02 pm

  3. i used those tips and became a whitebelt quickly!

    Comment by Manda — December 19, 2008 @ 4:22 pm

  4. thanks!

    Comment by Manda — December 19, 2008 @ 4:22 pm

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