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May 31, 2009

Tessieri Woodcutting Clan Chat (())

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For the next few days, I am heading for 99 Woodcutting, and this will take a  while. If my timing is correct, I will have 99 woodcutting by next Saturday. Anyone can chat in my Woodcutting Clan, and the first 3 people to visit will be GENERALS!! The Clan Name is “Tessieri”. Tell me your Woodcutting Level, and we will go to different places depending on your level (Scroll Down for more info). I will eventually get my Woodcutting Skill Cape that night (Which I need 99,000gp to get). So far, I have a 53 Woodcutting!

WE WILL MEET AT GRAND EXCHANGE ON SATURDAY, JUNE 12TH, AT 1:00PM EST AND  12:00PM CENTRAL NEAR THE SPIRIT TREE. I will be on world 114, and world 29 for non-members.


I will be looking for volunteers to help, that need a certain woodcutting level and to know 1 of the following places: Lumbridge, where the Master Woodcutter is. For woodcutting levels 1-30. Draynor Village Market, where the Willow Trees are along the ocean shore. For woodcutting  levels 30+. I will be the Camelot Group, where the Maple Trees are. For woodcutting levels 45+. NOTE: The people with me will need to provide themselves with Camelot Spells or Camelot Teleports.

 woodcutting ccAround Camelot…


Spirit Tree

Where we will meet (Spirit Tree, at Grand Exchange)…

Lummy Area for WC CC time

Lumbridge Cutting Area…

Woodcutting Willows Draynor MArket

Draynor Market Cutting Area





Where we Meet

That BIG RED DOT is where we meet.


Directions to Draynor

Here are the Directions to the Lumbridge Woodcutting Place and Draynor Market Woodcutting Place.


Green Dot: Where we Teleported to. Red Line: Where we will go.




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